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Looking online for “window cleaning Evansville” can leave you wondering who to call?  Who to trust?  Why does it matter?

Whether you’re having your home or business/office windows cleaned,  you should care who is performing the work. Not all window cleaners are alike!  You might pay a window cleaning company to clean your home windows and by the time they are done, you have mud on your carpet.

The window cleaning company shows up and doesn’t have the equipment to clean a 2-3 story window!


Your search for Window cleaners in Evansville IN is over!

At Shining Windows we believe in providing a safe, clean, environmentally and pet-friendly solution to your window cleaning needs!


More reasons to choose us over other results for window cleaning Evansville.


Using safe, modern equipment allows us to clean windows up to 5 stories in height.  Using shoe covers for indoor windows (no mud or dirt on your carpet)  In addition to using properly maintained and inspected equipment, we practice safe work procedures.  

We even have an OSHA approved trainer on staff!

Because of all of the harmful products and cleaners on the market, we actively choose to use pet safe, environmentally safe cleaning products.


"Professional and always very pleasant to do business with. Joel keeps our office windows looking tip top."

Scott Basham

911 Billing

“This crew is the best! Not only do they do an excellent job, they’re fast! Very good company to work with. Great price for a great service! Oh, not to mention...funny, personable and fun. You won’t regret hiring this team!"

Jennifer Dickson

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